Frontier specializes in A/C installations, Manual Js, HER’s test, and blower door tests for all newly constructed homes and apartments. It all starts with duct design and planning, each duct will be sized to accommadate the volume of each room. Only R-8 duct is used to provide the customer with an energy efficient A/C system and home. Each duct will be balanced properly at the end of construction to make sure each room is just as cool as the one beside it. The installation of an Air Handler, whether it is in an attic or closet, well be completely sealed at the seams and leveled to make sure all water is drained away as it should and not stay inside the air handler.

The condenser is properly leveled and charged with superheat and subcooling so it can work as specified by the manufacturer. An improperly charged system will actually cost you more money to run then a properly charged one. The installation of an A/C system and ductwork is very important and will determine how long your system may last. Our installers and technicians are trained with the newest technology, tools and installation practices.