A/C Maintenance

Frontier A/C Heating and Refrigeration puts the interests of our customers first, which is why we tailor all of our services to benefit you. We provide the expert services that you need, as well as helpful tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years, which will extend the life of your air conditioning unit, and aid in it running much more efficiently. Make sure to call and schedule the regular maintenance that your HVAC system needs in Pharr.

A/C Repairs

There are times where, in spite of routine maintenance checks, your air conditioning unit will need some repair work. When this happens, make sure to call Frontier A/C to receive the best HVAC repair possible. Be sure to ask any questions you may have about the repair estimate so that you are fully satisfied with the service you receive. Our Nate-certified technicians will arrive promptly and provide the fast and friendly repair work that you need.

A/C Installation

If your air conditioning unit is old and no longer functioning as efficiently as it once did, then be sure to call Frontier A/C Heating and Refrigeration to learn about our A/C installation services. Not only can we point you to the best units for your home or business, but we can also offer affordable financing options to make sure that you can get back to being cool. Call today to learn about A/C installation in Pharr.